Turkish soap operas in the Arab world: social liberation or cultural alienation?

Noor and Muhannad from the Arabized Turkish soap opera Noor

Alexandra Buccianti looks at the Turkish soap opera phenomenon as a successful model of hybridization and sets it against the background of Turkey's historical role in the Arab world

From Saints to Sinners: Identity and celebrity in a contemporary Iranian television serial

Narges prays in a white chador

The Iranian television drama Narges was a smash hit in 2006, but the action wasn’t just on screen. Josie Delap examines the relationships between the stars’ on-air characters and their private personas, including a sex tape scandal that roiled the Iranian authorities.

Syria under the Spotlight: Television satire that is revolutionary in form, reformist in content

Marlin Dick traces the origins and behind the scenes drama of the Syrian sketch comedy program Spotlight.
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Television and the Ethnographic Endeavor: The Case of Syrian DramaIcon indicating an associated article is peer reviewed

Customers in a Cairo watch musalsalat during Ramadan.  Photograph by Tara Todras-Whitehill.

In contemporary Syria, the TV industry’s centrality renders it a particularly revealing site of ethnographic endeavor. It provides a valuable point of access to a complex and rapidly changing society, argues Christa Salamandra.