Send an Image - and Win a Leica


Photograph by Kim Badawi.

Images of the Middle East abound.  But images of media content being produced and consumed in the Middle East do not.  That is why we need you to send your photos.

It might be camera crews filming the latest Egyptian movie, or Bahraini bloggers organizing online protests.  It could be young Jordanians enthralled by a pop star on TV, or city commuters in Syria reading newspapers on their bus to work.

Your imagination and creativity are the limit.

Photograph by Kim Badawi.

 So whether you are a photojournalist or an amateur photographer based in the Middle East, Arab Media & Society is keen to hear from you. 

We are always searching for photographs to complement our written content, so there are always opportunities for you to reach a new, discerning audience.

 And if you take a really extraordinary picture, you could win a state-of-the-art digital camera.

This Leica D-Lux 3 Compact Digital 10mp Camera will go to the contributor of the best photograph to Arab Media & Society in 2008.

So start thinking now.

To join our growing network of photojournalists across the region, contact .